Silicone Training Treat Bag

The Kinshing Silicone Training Treat Bag is compact and portable, featuring a convenient clip that allows you to attach it to various objects while on the move or training your pet. Made from food-grade silicone, this training bag is BPA-free, guaranteeing the safety of your pet’s treats. The semi-closed opening is equipped with a magnet for easy access, automatically closing after each feeding.


The silicone material used in these pet bags is non-toxic, tasteless, and highly temperature resistant, ensuring the safety and health of your pet’s food. Unlike ceramic, plastic, or metal tableware, silicone tableware offers superior temperature compatibility. It helps maintain the original temperature of the food, reducing temperature changes and loss. Additionally, the unique properties of silicone prevent the transmission of excessive heat or cold to the user during use, providing a comfortable dining experience.

Designed to be lightweight and portable, this training bag comes with a clip that enables you to attach it to your waist belt, pants, or packages, making it convenient for outdoor training or walks with your pet. The large opening facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring a neat and hygienic interior.

This dog treat bag is soft and safe, making it easy to clean with a paper towel or cloth. It is harmless and hands-free, providing a convenient solution for pet owners. By using this silicone pet treat bag, you can free your hands during walks and spend more quality time with your beloved pet.

A pet club has already embraced the benefits of these customized silicone dog sport walking treat bags for their members, and the delighted pet owners are testament to their effectiveness. Don’t wait any longer—customize your own pet silicone treat pouch and show your love for your furry companion!



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