Silicone Swim Goggles

Kinshing Silicone Swim Goggles offer a wide range of features and benefits. As a professional manufacturer, we provide customized swimming goggles for children, adults, and functional anti-fog purposes. Our goggles are designed to seal the peripheral areas around the eyes, allowing swimmers to see underwater while preventing water from entering their eyes. With hundreds of styles and designs, our goggles are categorized based on different lenses such as ordinary, electroplating, prescription, photochromic polarized, and optical lenses. They are suitable for racers, adults, and kids.

Our goggles are ergonomically designed to fit European and Asian face shapes. They are made of imported and environmentally friendly materials, meeting the highest international industry standards such as FDA, CE, BSCI, and ISO9001:2005. Whether you choose our own brand Whale or opt for OEM and ODM services, we ensure that our goggles meet various needs and preferences.

For added convenience and comfort, we also offer Seac Aquatech swimming goggles with Italian design. These goggles provide total protection from the sun’s UV rays and feature anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments for a clear view. The nasal bridge is adjustable, and the strap tightens easily thanks to the buckle system. Suitable for both amateur and professional use, these goggles come with a practical storage box.

With Kinshing Silicone Swim Goggles, you can enjoy a comfortable and protected swimming experience, whether you’re a recreational swimmer or a professional athlete.

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