Silicone Spatulas

The Kinshing Silicone Spatulas are essential kitchen tools made from flexible and heat-resistant silicone materials. They are perfect for baking and offer softness and flexibility without scratching cookware.


These spatulas are sturdy, resistant to breaking, and ideal for scraping food from bowls or pans. They are also great for mixing dry and wet ingredients. Kinshing offers customizable silicone spatulas in various sizes, colors, patterns, and types, with customizable logos and packaging options such as plastic shells or sealed plastic. There are three categories of silicone spatulas available: flippers or turners, spreaders, and scrapers, each with unique features and purposes. Kinshing ensures precise manufacturing, quality control, and uses food-grade silicone materials for enhanced health and safety. The spatulas are heat resistant up to 480°F, dishwasher safe, and have a seamless one-piece design to prevent food and rust accumulation. They are perfect for scraping, removing cookies from baking sheets, mixing hot foods, and more. The sharp, straight working edge and sleek silicone surface make it easy to remove sticky dough mixes. These custom color baking spatulas with wooden handles can be tailored to meet customer specifications. From small bowls to large pots, the spatulas are versatile and essential in the kitchen, providing comfort and convenience for professional and home cooks alike. Experience the benefits of the Kinshing Silicone Spatula, combining heat resistance, flexibility, and ease of use while protecting your cookware. Trust us to customize spatulas according to your specific requirements, including size, color, pattern, type, logo, and packaging, catering to your business needs.


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