Silicone rubber parts

Kinshing Silicone is a professional custom silicone rubber parts manufacturer that offers highly customizable silicone rubber parts design and production. Our silicone parts include silicone gaskets and silicone seal o-rings. We provide a comprehensive one-stop service, which includes mold design, mold development, product production, packaging, and transportation. With us, you can focus on your product while we take care of the rest.


The advantages of our custom silicone rubber parts are as follows:

Good sealing performance: Our silicone parts offer excellent waterproof and dustproof capabilities, along with fire retardancy.

High pressure resistance: They are designed to withstand high pressures, ensuring their durability in various applications.

Wear resistance and shockproof effect: Our silicone parts exhibit good resistance to wear and provide effective shock absorption.

Aging resistance: They are built to resist aging, maintaining their performance and appearance over time.

Crack and deformation resistance: Our silicone parts do not crack or deform with long-term use.

High and low temperature resistance: They can withstand temperatures ranging from -60 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius, while maintaining their original sealing performance.

Wide service temperature range: Our silicone rubber parts perform well under extreme environmental and temperature conditions, with a service temperature range of -70C to 300C.

Automotive and aerospace applications: Our silicone parts are particularly suitable for the automotive and aerospace industries, where flexibility and longevity are crucial.

Food handling equipment and appliances: They are also suitable for use in food handling equipment and appliances, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

Global supply and customization: We produce and supply custom silicone rubber parts to customers worldwide. Our offerings include rubber seals, rubber bonding to metal parts, FDA food-contact materials, silicone seal gaskets, rubber mounts, grommets, bumpers, cushions, and more.
Reliable supplier for long-term relationships: We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy supplier, committed to building long-term relationships with our customers.

Choose Kinshing Silicone as your supplier, and benefit from our expertise in custom silicone rubber parts and our dedication to providing reliable solutions for your specific needs.


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