Silicone Dog Lick Mat

Kinshing offers silicone dog lick mats, made from food-grade silicone. The front side can be customized as per client’s design, while the backside features suction cups for secure placement on smooth surfaces.


The mats can be customized according to design and color preferences. These lick mats are designed to distract pets during feeding, reducing anxiety and agitation during bathing. The raised silicone design slows down eating, improving digestion and reducing flatulence. The suction cups ensure easy usage on any clean surface. The lick mats promote the release of endorphins, calming and comforting pets in stressful situations. They are made from BPA-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly silicone, ensuring safety for pets. The mats effectively slow down eating, promoting healthier teeth and digestion. They also help reduce anxiety, destructive behavior, and separation anxiety. The innovative design allows easy sticking to various surfaces and features a quadrant design for portion control. The mats are food-grade, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe for convenience. They are easy to clean and provide various benefits such as slow feeding, stress relief, dental health promotion, and multi-purpose use. The anti-slip design ensures stability during use. Silicone dog lick mats are a valuable investment for promoting overall health and well-being in pets.



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