How Silicone Dog Lick Mats Can Help Calm Your Canine

How Silicone Dog Lick Mats Can Help Calm Your Canine

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For many dogs, bath time becomes a constant battle that inevitably leads to much anxiety. Putting into practice then becomes important in developing ways to make this regular activity an enjoyable event for our dogs. Using silicone dog lick mats has proved to be an invaluable tool in cultivating relaxation along with relieving stress during bath time. The article below shall discuss the benefits of using silicone lick Mats alongside its usefulness in transforming your dog’s bath time into an enjoyable and anxiety-free experience.

Understanding Canine Bath Anxiety

Why would a dog get anxious during the bath? Quite many reasons exist. Some canines are scared of water, while others might have had bad experiences with bathing. The signs of bath-anxious dogs differ depending on the signal exhibited: trembling and whining to escaping or burying under the blankets. As good pet owners, the next time these signals appear, it’s important to catch them first and deal with them using empathy and patience.

The Benefits of Silicone Dog Lick Mats

The food-grade silicone makes the silicone dog lick mat very customizable since this has a front side that can be customized. Thus the backside of the mat becomes an easy choice to ensure secure placement on your flat surface – smooth bathtub or shower floor. Made with a raised design, it serves two purposes at once – it slows down your dog’s eating so that better digestion takes place and reduces flatulence by putting down some distractions while in the bathtub.

The slow feeding factor inspires your dog to focus on licking his favorite treats or peanut butter spread on the mat and, in this way, diverts its thoughts from the anxiety-causing bath.

Introduce the Lick Mat to Your Dog

Introducing the silicone dog lick mat to your canine in a way that will be both rewarding and positive entails allowing enough time for your pet to investigate and sniff this newly added product. Allow your pet enough time before having them bathed as you begin by applying their favorite treat or peanut butter on the one side of this mat, creating an irresistibly tasty experience with which they will most likely associate it with pleasure and calmness. Using Positive reinforcement, however, shall help your canine associate this product of their own volition but pleasurably calmness.

Using the Lick Mat during Bath Time

Place the silicone dog lick mat onto your bathtub or shower floor using the suction cups. As you start bathing your pet, entice it to focus on licking the treats from the mat. The repetitive licking action will release endorphins which create a sense of calm and comfort for your furry friend. Keep bath sessions short and positive, increasing duration as your pooch tolerates the process.

Creating a Calming Bath Routine

To reduce anxiety in dogs, consistency is key. Use the lick mat consistently during baths to develop a calming routine. Combine this technique with soothing words and gentle touches as well as treats for a positive association with bath time. Do not rush the process, and stay calm as your dog adjusts to the new routine.

So, say goodbye to bath time stress and hello to anxiety-free baths with the help of silicone dog lick mats.

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