Get Silicone Feeding Mats to Reduce Pet Anxiety and Enable a Better Mealtime

Get Silicone Feeding Mats to Reduce Pet Anxiety and Enable a Better Mealtime

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Our pets are members of our families, sometimes even replacing family members. As pet owners, we strive to provide the best care possible. However, some pets suffer from mealtime anxiety, leading to unwanted behaviours such as refusal and stress. In this article, we will show how a silicone feeding mat could be a great addition to solving pet problems related to mealtime alleviation.

Understanding Mealtime Anxiety in Pets

Mealtime anxiety is a common pet problem, especially in multi-pet households or when feeding in strange locations. It can ensue because of noise levels and aggressive behaviour from other animals for our relative/furry friend. Loud environments and other pets’ efforts at getting fed may result in an unpleasant experience causing rushed eating and digestion troubles.

The Benefits of Using Silicone Feeding Mats

Silicone feeding mats combine thoughtful properties with built-in design elements making it a novel idea. The mat lets food settle individually on raised soft dots, which provide relaxation while encouraging pets lying down to enjoy every nook and cranny, taking their time during eating. The slow and systematic eating process makes it easier to digest foods eliminating digestive concerns associated with rapid eating.

Reduces Mealtime Anxiety

Siliceo mat provides arousal throughout the whole extended duration of the meal, thus considerably reducing mealtime anxiety in pets – Less Rushy Eating – More Slower Sampling – Craving Less.

Promote a Calmer Feeding Experience

Feeding mats promote quicker elimination of pets by offering a distraction during mealtime. The interactive nature of the mat helps stimulate both mental activities and encourage bite-sized enjoyment through food, offering improved stress and hence a calm mealtime.

Create a Clean and Healthy Eating Environment

With mats, messy floors and scattered food become things of the past as the silicone focuses pet attention on eating their food in an area not too far from the mess floor but still confined, whereby all that is left is an undisturbed shower bathroom counter. In addition, utilising only fresh and healthy products out on the mat further enhances their well-being.

Use of Silicone Feeding Mats

Silicone feeding mats come with a learning curve but are hassle-free to use. Spread out the food onto the mat using the provided spatula and let your pet delight in its meal time in a fun, engaging way. For some new to the mat, introducing it in a quality manner gradually can support them to embrace this new feeding experience relaxingly.

More than Meal Times: Other Uses for Silicone Feeding Mats

Obviously, silicone feeding mats are best used at mealtimes; however, they have versatile applications beyond mealtimes. They apply mainly to grooming sessions and sporting activities where specific rules must be conducted or trained on using these mats to make the training process enjoyable. As previously said, pets are known to become bored quickly when alone, and these mats can help with this boredom-busting mission. These alternative uses contribute to overall happier and even more engaged pets.


Foldable silicone pet goods from our product line, including bowls and mats, all meet food-grade requirements. After more than two decades in the business, Kinsilicone has developed a reliable production system for making silicone pet tools in large quantities.

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